Telehealth : What is it

Telehealth is a service which allows you to access to physiotherapy and other health services remotely through your computer or mobile phone. Patients and practitioners connect through a secure online medium within which assessment and treatment can take place.

Who is eligible?

All people wishing to access physiotherapy remotely are welcome to use the telehealth service, particularly those who are currently in self-isolation or unable to attend the practice in person.

What to expect?

Our physiotherapists are skilled  in conducting assessments through telehealth, and will form a provisional diagnosis on which your treatment will be based. Effective and appropriate treatment programs will be prescribed which can be completed in the home using minimal equipment. All exercises and treatment will be supervised by your physiotherapist initially before becoming part of your unsupervised program.

Through this medium our physiotherapists will access a variety of resources including:

  • Live, face to face  interview and assessment
  •  ability to prescribe and  assess your exercises live
  • Online exercise programs personalised to you and sent securely to your emails
  • face to face  chats
  • Educational resources such as videos and webpages to enhance understanding of injuries and recovery plans
  • Interactive tools to improve communication

Session Structure and Fees:

We are providing Initial appointments of 45 minute for $70.00 and follow up appointments of 30 minutes for $60.00.  Some private health funds will provide coverage for members from the 14th of April, provided the member has been seen by their physiotherapist for the injury in the previous 6 months, or they have been referred by their GP.   Medicare will fund telehealth under a Chronic Diseases Management Plan.   We are also running the 8 week GLA: D program (Good life with Arthritis: Denmark) as 1: 1 sessions for $40 per session online or in clinic. Follow this link for further information

Privacy and Security

We are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients when working through the telehealth medium. Our telehealth provider Coviu ( and are fully encrypted and do not store any user data or content shared over telehealth consultations. All information provided through telehealth will be subject to our strict privacy policies, and will not be shared with third parties without consent.

How do I Access Telehealth?

  1. Call our reception on 49342724 to schedule an appointment time
  2. At your appointment time you will receive an email  with appointment time and link, to access the consultation
  3. Click ‘join the call’ and commence your consultation

Equipment requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Computer /tablet/mobile phone with webcam and microphone capability
  • an email address