Following the government recommendations regarding the prevention of spreading COVID-19 we are utilising the following guidelines and precautions to protect our community, our patients and our staff:

• To prevent entry to the clinic by a potentially infectious person there is prominent signage at our external front door requesting patients ring through to reception in order to reschedule appointments, if they have any flu like symptoms, have contacted a person with known COVID -19 in the past 14 days, have travelled overseas in past 14 days or have had contact with a person being tested for COVID-19

• prominent signs at the external entrance to the clinic request all patients to pause, protect (sanitise) and then proceed into the common area

• prominent signage of cough etiquette for staff and patients outlines coughing into the elbow not the hand

• We are washing/disinfecting treatment beds between patients (with hospital grade disinfectant)

• There is regular disinfecting of common area contact surfaces such as arm rests of chairs and door handles, etc.

• We are disinfecting general patient contact surfaces (such as gym equipment, hand weights) after each patient use

• Safe handwashing techniques are used by our physiotherapists and receptionists in accordance with health guidelines (minimum 20 seconds with soap and water or waterless alcohol based sanitiser rubbed into skin until dry) before and after patient contact.

• All linen is changed between patients and timely washed and dried via clothes dryer

• There is availability of hand sanitiser at the front desk for use of all upon entrance to, and on leaving, the clinic.

• Waiting room chairs are positioned to allow for safe distance of 1.5 metres

• As per NSW Health Guidelines healthy people, including those providing services to the general public, do not need to wear masks

• We are using contactless transactions where possible

• We are Telehealth ready

We are taking all necessary precautions and updating the list daily as new information on the threat and new information on preventative measures arises.

At this stage there are only several confirmed cases in the Hunter region. The situation is being monitored. Current advice is with these social distancing methods and hand hygiene we can prevent the spread of the virus.

If you have further enquires please feel free to contact us – we are very happy to discuss any concerns you may have.